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Body Pow Weight Loss Shots


The problem with diets is they just don’t stick.
You spend so much time watching what you eat to lose those extra pounds, trying not to overindulge in treats and snacks.
You finally reach your goal (WOOHOO!) and then 6 months later you’re right back where you started. (Boo!)

Why does this happen? Quite simply, we are eating more calories now than ever before. The trick to long term effective dieting is to find healthy, low-calorie foods that you enjoy so that you are no longer “dieting” but just enjoying eating healthily.
The biggest threat to your long term weight management is snacking. Those cheeky little treats between breakfast, lunch and dinner. That’s why we created Body Pow Weight Loss Shot Drinks.

Body Pow weight loss shots contain the only clinically proven natural fiber (glucomannan) to reduce your appetite to aid in your weight loss goals and prevent you from wanting to reach for that snack drawer.

Glucomannan is a natural fiber and the only active ingredient recognised by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) in relation to weight loss. It absorbs liquid in your stomach to leave less room for food leaving you feeling more full to reduce your appetite and help you eat less.

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Our products are 100% UK manufactured and professionally formulated by experts within the supplement industry which makes us different to being just another supplement brand. We are a factory brand, meaning we can produce top quality products from the outset to serve up a value offering with premium quality. Damn, that’s good news!

Body Pow is more than just a brand. It’s fun, it’s vibrant, it’s shaking things up. It’s the luminous coloured cat scattering the pigeons in Supplement Square. Never before has such quality arrived at this price. That’s got to bring a smile to your face.

We believe in living your best life, we believe in real people, we believe in value.

We are Body Pow.

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Body Pow Slim Coffee

Weight Loss Shot Drinks

7 Day Supply of Fast Weight Loss Shot Drinks

Each pack of our weight loss shot drinks are split into Morning, Afternoon and Evening servings and give you the perfect support through different parts of the day.

They contain glucomannan which is clinically proven to aid in weight loss by making you feel less hungry.

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Weight Loss Slim Coffee

7 Day Supply of Slim Coffee Drink

Our slim coffee drink is bursting with a mix of natural ingredients to kick start your metabolism, boost energy levels and provides mental focus.

Replace your usual morning coffee with Body Pow Slim Coffee and use in combination with other products in the Body Pow range.

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Body Pow Fat Burner Capsules

Fat Burner Capsules

30 Day Supply of Fat Burner Capsules

Body Pow Our fat burner capsules are loaded with a mix of natural extracts to help speed up metabolism, provide you with energy and keep you healthy.

Use these in combination with other products in the Body Pow range to get yourself into the shape faster.

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Be Body Confident with Body Pow Weight Loss Shots

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