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Something good is happening, but you’re already in the know, that’s why you’re reading this. Body Pow is a thing and it’s selling in shops and online, right here, on this website, but what is Body Pow and what does it mean?

When like-minded people who share a common goal get together, great things can happen and Body Pow is no different.

We all have day jobs in the supplement industry. We also understand the fragility of truth within supplement marketing. Even honest results can meet with rebellious ambiguity in the land of social media.

So, what did we do about it? We created Body Pow.

It seemed to us that there are many companies out there, selling the next major supplement and not really offering anything but overpriced products backed up with mainstream channel advertising. With this in mind, we set to making a shortlist of the biggest selling supplements, our mission would be simple: Sell products that cost less and better than the market leader. Sell products that offer real people real results – and that is what we are doing.


Our products are 100% UK manufactured and professionally formulated by experts within the supplement industry which makes us different to being just another supplement brand. We are a factory brand, meaning we can produce top quality products from the outset to serve up a value offering with premium quality. Damn, that’s good news!

Body Pow is more than just a brand. It’s fun, it’s vibrant, it’s shaking things up. It’s the luminous coloured cat scattering the pigeons in Supplement Square. Never-before has such quality arrived at this price. That’s got to bring a smile to your face.

We believe in living your best life, we believe in real people, we believe in value.

We are Body Pow.

Get Body Pow

Our Mission

Body Pow strives to be the best supplement retailer by allowing everybody to enjoy the opportunity to improve their desired image and self-confidence through the use of quality assured products.

Lee Smith

Founder and Entrepreneur

Favourite Social Platform: Instagram, TikTok,

Supplement I’d like Body Pow to make next: Morning, Noon & Night Protein Pack. Different flavours and each beneficial for the time of day.

I’ve worked in the supplement industry for 12 years and in that time, I’ve seen a lot of brands develop and grow, some stick around and become dinosaurs, others fade away. My contribution to this project is to spot the trends and find a way of making it cheaper and better, then get it into the hands of the consumer (you), as quick as I can using the facilities available in the group that we work within.

Craig Francis

Manager and Marketeer Extraordinaire

Favourite Social Platform: Facebook

Supplement I’d like Body Pow to make next: Pure energy and focus gummies for life on the go.

Managing the BodyPow team is an exciting challenge, ideas and actions are constantly evolving from every angle and the immediate landscape is changing as a result.

Seeing the feedback from customers and their results is hugely rewarding and fuels the desire to generate even more, even better product. I’m constantly developing ideas and initiatives to push the boundary of what we can collectively achieve. The brand for me represents a refreshing change in quality against price within supplement retail and I am eager to realise BodyPow as one of the best supplement providers in the industry.

Hannah Brown

Sales Machine and Social Media Addict

Favourite Social Platform: Instagram

Supplement I’d like Body Pow to make next: Glitter Collagen Beauty Shots that taste yummy.

Building a brand that I could connect with and made me feel comfortable was one of the reasons I joined the Body Pow Team.

There are so many different options out there, but nothing seemed to scream at me. The range that we are able to bring to the consumer is going to be vast and because we are a factory brand, we can ensure the quality, which as a young woman is always a concern.

I spend most of my life on social media, it’s a platform that my generation use to communicate and express, so BodyPow has to be something I love and feel passionate about because I’m going to be working with it and seeing it when I’m relaxing on Insta or FB.

Steve North

Digital Conjurer and Product Guinea-Pig

Favourite Social Platform: Facebook

Supplement I’d like Body Pow to make next: Gaming Nootropic for improved brain function and reflexes.

I didn’t really know much about supplements when I started working in this industry on the technical development side but I soon picked up that I can perform faster and for longer if I take the right supplements. I develop the digital solutions for body pow (like this website!)

I am a gamer at heart, professional gaming is something that we see booming and there’s millions at stake now. For me, I want supplements that clearly state what they do and how fast I will get the results that I want.

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