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Building a badass booty

The way we look and how it has adjusted over time.

The holy grail of weight loss has changed, these days the way we eat, and our knowledge of food has evolved making us all become nutritional experts. We regurgitate phrases like “Abs are made in the kitchen” and “carbs do you no good”, yet we all find ourselves wanting to look better than we do.

25 years ago, having a booty that you could balance a coffee cup on was considered undesirable. Skip ahead to present day and the Latin style is all the rage. We are so far from where we were a generation ago and it’s no surprise when we see how extreme the nineties were and what lengths women went to, just to be thin.

Today, you will see men trawling their Instagram favourite babe and they have bodies sculpted in the gym that most men would be proud of. 6 packs and women squatting heavy weights is a huge transition from the heroine chic models of the 1990s like Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell and Jaime King.

In the 90s, Supermodels ate toilet roll to fill themselves up and used pile cream to smooth out their wrinkles. Nowadays, the pin-up girls (that’s what we used to call them when posters in bedrooms were a thing) are more akin to eating 6 macronutrient measured meals, per day, that were all pre-prepared a few days before and frozen.

Kate Moss once famously declared that “Nothing tastes as good as thin feels”. She is still one of the most famous models of all time, but that reckless phrase alone would have been responsible for cases of bulimia and anorexia all over the modern world.

If a supermodel had a booty, she wouldn’t be on a runway, clothes would hang from models in the past. Fortunately, times have changed and so have attitudes to what is considered healthy.

What is the ideal look?

As times change. So do clothes and the way that they’re tailored to fit us. This is no different for the ideal look. A trip to Primark will yield a plethora of different cuts. Muscle T-shirts, Skinny jeans and boyfriend cut are all styles you might recognise. Boot up Instagram and you will see Freddy Jeans selling booty enhancing jeans that have a push-up butt-bra sewn into the back of the denim.

The reason for the change in fashion is that women are now proud of their butts and apparently men seem to love them a lot more too. So, boobs are out and butts are in, that’s what the journalists tell us and the images we see on social media are supporting this.

No ifs and no butts!

Getting the “right” shape butt is important. We’ve all seen Kim Kardashians bootylicious bum a million times. Women are more impressed by her booty than men, so her followers reveal, and it seems that the Kardashian clan and their big-butt-brigade marketing train has encouraged us all to embrace our tushies.

If you read my last article “How to lose weight and not lose your boobs”, you may already be wondering how to preserve your booty whilst maintaining the rest of your shape.

The good news for you all is that it is a lot easier to grow your butt and maintain its presence when losing weight than it is to keep your boobs.

If you are prepared to put in the effort, you can have a proper booty that will pop out and make the boys drool when you walk in the room.

Drop down and get your eagle on girl.

So, excuse the Nelly reference, I couldn’t resist it. But if you want to get your posterior pumped like pair of power balls you’re going to need to get your best squat on.

Swipe your Instagram into life and search “Jen Selter” https://www.instagram.com/jenselter, if you don’t know who she is, you have probably been living under a rock for the last 5 years. Jen has 12.7M follower on Insta and she’s got them all through the power of her booty.

Ridiculously proportioned, her derriere defies gravity and hangs out from her back like an unfinished bridge, The shelf that became her butt could probably crack walnuts.

Jen offers a ton of tips and advice on butt building, but the main thing is this, SQUAT.

Booty Builder

The more you squat and the more bum exercises that you do, the bigger your butt will grow, As we train our muscles to fatigue with heavy weights, fine muscle tears cause blood to rush to the areas that have been torn. The blood fills the micro-tears in your muscle tissue caused by the exercise and the muscle expands, this is how bodybuilding is done, The more fine tears that you make, the more your body will repair them, as you repeat this process, your muscles will grow.

Taking the paragraph above into consideration, if you focus your exercises to your booty, it will grow faster than the rest of your body, giving the impression of a bigger bottom.

Many gym-going women will spend most of their time on aerobic equipment like the cross-trainer or running machine to improve their fitness, but they will then turn to their weapon of choice, the stepper, to attack and strengthen their booty.

Add resistance bands around your knees to make the exercises more intense and your rear will ache with the pressure, but the muscles will strengthen and form like the hind-quarter of a thoroughbred stallion.

Over a period of just 6 weeks, you will see a massive change in your shape, if you focus on your butt just 3 times per week. Throw in some Romanian deadlifts to create a deeper arc in your lower back and accentuate the voluptuous nature of your growing rear end.

Let me know how you get on, leave a comment on the section below. If you want to share pictures of your before and afters, we can publish them on this website for you.

In the coming weeks, we will post some dedicated workouts for you to try, but for now, you could do worse than attempt a Jen Selter workout.

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