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Christmas party dress diet – Yes it really is that time of year already

I received my invite to our Christmas party last week. It was the end of September and Christmas was already being planned. I was surprised given that the kids had only just gone back to school and the morning traffic had seemed to return to rainy chaos just a few days ago. September was gone, passed me by like an arrow and it is the big countdown already.

With parties comes planning and when you plan to party it means a shopping trip to buy a part dress.

At a time that we are thinking about indulgence, it is a battle to consider cutting calories and exercising more. But you want to fit into a decent dress and get rid of a few pounds before you pile on some more, here are our best tips.

Sleep like a Princess – Cortisol is a hormone related to stress. It can make it difficult to lose extra weight and even slow down the process completely. Such is the power of your own mind you can destroy your chances of losing weight because you are stressed out. The easiest way to cut cortisol from building up in your body is to get a proper night of sleep under your belt. Get between 7-9 hours of sleep and your body will thank you in so many ways.

Fill up on fibre to reduce snacking – It is easier than you think to reduce your appetite. When you take Body Pow Weight Loss Shot drinks as part of your diet, the fibre swells up in your stomach and fills you up, so that you snack less and fill fuller for longer. When your body is not hungry, it makes better decisions around portion size.

Increase your digestion hours – This is something related to the Keto Diet and becoming very popular. The school f thought around this is that the longer you give your body to digest, the more effective your bodies digestion becomes. This means also that you’re not pushing more food into your stomach than it can handle, forcing insulin spikes. Additionally, it takes a lot of energy to digest food, diverting energy from other functions, when you give your body more time to process the food, it can also help you be more effective in other areas.

Drink more water – An oldie but goodie, there is a reason this advice features in every diet known to man. Your body is 50 – 60% water, when you dehydrate yourself, the water gets sapped from your organs and they start to function less effectively. Even your brain can become dehydrated, this has the potential to cause cognitive function setbacks. Keep your mind on the goals you have set and make sure it stays hydrated.

Hit the weights – Everyone knows that lifting weights make your muscles massive right? Wrong! Lifting heavy weights makes you stronger, it helps build muscle mass which in turn will help you burn fat. There is no point losing weight and being a fatigued Skinny-Mini, get toned with the weights as you shed the fat.

Kick sugar to the curb – It used to be salt, then it was fat, now the enemy is sugar. Sugar sticks to your body like glue and the more you have, the more you want. Compared to other nutrients, the energy is explosive and if you don’t use that energy, it gets stored as fat. Sugar is the modern-day public food enemy and things don’t look set to change.

Finally, remember that if you lose all this weight and dance into your company’s Christmas party looking like an A list celebrity, don’t hit the shots like you used to. If you have been avoiding alcohol and have less mass to absorb the booze, you may find your work bestie is holding back your hair as you give singing lessons to the toilet and shatter that all-important public image. Have fun!

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