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Diets: Make the right decisions and eat the right things

Diets: Make the right decisions and eat the right things

The great diet debates over the decades

There are a million different types of diets available to us. As varied as food is, there is a diet to suit every kind of food group and the times, amounts and way nutrients are consumed has been manipulated by dieticians, nutritionists and Dr’s for decades.

The crucial thing that we learn is, if we consume more calories than we burn through, we will gain weight. However, even this has changed and recently people are eating smaller amounts of food more frequently, to speed up their metabolisms.

The fashion of diets

The most recent boom is the keto diet. Some bright spark has worked out, that if you cut out carbohydrates and only eat protein (grass-fed cattle ideally) and fat (literally, sticks of butter), your body will start to turn to its fat stores for energy. Keto enthusiasts are eating lumps of butter, putting coconut oil in coffee and ingesting large amounts of keto-salts. 1980’s fitness guru’s in their leotards would be mortified if they knew what the future of dieting held.

Today, sugar is the enemy, so we introduced the sugar tax. In the 1980s there was a war on salt, eggs and low-fat was all the rage. In the 1940s, even smoking was considered healthy. So, what is the truth?

The truth about diets

It has become the fashion to say that “you don’t need to be on a diet, what you need to do is change your lifestyle”. Everyone is a health expert and yet the obesity crisis gets worse and gym memberships are at an all-time high.

The truth is, everyone’s body is different and even throughout your life various diets will work with differing levels of effectivity. Your body is predisposed to gaining weight as your metabolism slows. If you live a sedentary lifestyle, you will gain weight. If you eat more sugar than you should, you will gain fat. There are many people that go to the gym, have healthy, strong hearts and yet they are still chubby. Why? Very simply, you can exercise all you like, but if you don’t eat right, you won’t get the results you want.

Discovering a solution

The main thing to consider when dieting, is what is a diet and which diets of all th eones available is the easiest one to stick to, that gets the best results for me.

Like it or not, we are all on a diet, we are not all on a lifestyle. We eat a diet of whatever we put in our mouths. But, what if we could help ourselves make more educated decisions and think before we eat? That is the concept that the founders of Body Pow wanted to introduce.

Craig Francis, Manager at Body Pow says “Have you ever been shopping when you are hungry? You spend so much more because everything looks good. You literally plan your meals for the week as you salivate and your trolley fills with meals, junk foods and snacks”.
He goes on to say “When we sat down and decided what Body Pow should stand for, we made 2 decisions. The first should be that there is no stigma taking one of our supplements, people should be proud of who they are and who they want to be. The second thing is we want people to be able to use our products, no matter what diet they’re on”.

More about Body Pow

The sachets that Body Pow have launched contain 3 different formulas. You take one sachet 3 times a day, 30 minutes before your meals. The ingredients in all of the sachets include a fibre that swells in your stomach and fills it up a little, reducing hunger and allowing you to make better decisions about what you will eat. Added to the sachet, which is mixed with 200ml of water, are a blend of ingredients that improve your focus and energy throughout the day and also improve your mood and relaxation at night.

Imagine if you had eaten a starter before you chose your main course, would you choose something lighter than if you were hungry. When we are hungry, we tend to prepare or order more food. With Body Pow Weight Loss Shots, you have the feeling that you have already snacked, so you are informed with your choices and in the right headspace.

Peace of mind

Starting a new diet is tough, you enter a harsh world that shocks your body into starvation and you’re told that counting calories or weighing your macronutrients are crucial. The reality is, eat a balanced diet, simple research online can give you a million tips on healthy foods and snacks. Stay focussed for a week, after 7 days, as humans we make things a habit. Consume what your body needs, no more. Eat slow, chew your food well, don’t eat until you’re bloated and try not to eat just before you sleep.

Follow these steps and you will be just fine, if you need extra help to make the right decisions, try Body Pow Weight Loss Shot Drinks to give you the clarity required to support your diet.


Whether you are on Weight Watchers, Slimming World, Juice Plus, The Keto Diet, The Atkins Diet, Paleo, The cabbage soup diet, a sugar free diet or just simply hitting the gym like a maniac, it is possible to educate your mood and curb the cravings that allow you to make the bad decisions. Body Pow isn’t the only product that works like this, but it is the best value, flavour and mixability sachet on the market today. Find out more about the Body Pow product range here.

Yvonne 2019-10-03 18:08:37
I actually laughed when I read this article because I remember the changes over the years in public opinion and how contridictorary things are now against the past trends. Who knows what people will think of the keto diet or the paleo diet in 20 years time. I am ceertain that teh Atkins diet will always atract men, they love the idea of eating meat, the side effects are less desirable though.

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