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The Sex Diet – F yourself thin

It sounds like the dream doesn’t it. Make love and lose weight at the same time. Combining two majorly important things at once has rarely appeared so simple. For years the number of calories burned during sexual intercourse has been the subject of discussion. But, is it truly possible and can sex really help you get into shape?

After some painstaking hours of research and putting theory to the test, the Body Pow team have a set of results that will open an eye or two.

In this article, we will explore how to get the most out of your sexual partner, what you really need to eat to get you “pumped” and how many calories that you will actually burn as you thrust yourself into a world of sexuality and satiety.

Sometimes sex is better than other times

For women, hormones regulate the body’s daily life and it is all based around one thing, reproduction. You may think that you are here to save the whales, empower women to overthrow men from major global power-bases, design the perfect show-home or become the first British astronaut to set foot on the moon; but, sadly for you, your body thinks it is here for one reason alone, to create offspring.

You see, we are in the legacy business. We may think that we are smarter than every animal, reptile, fish and plant species on the planet, but just like all living things, our bodies are genetically pre-programmed to ensure the survival of the human race.

Owing to the fact that we are organic machines, that despite our life goals, are designed to continue life, our hormones change the way we feel and they manipulate our bodies to want and need certain things at certain times. For example, when we need food, we get hungry, when we get fertile, we get horny!

When you’re horny, your body is prepared for the onslaught of sex at its best, most loving or most frantic, either way, when your body wants loving, it will make sure it is ready. This means that certain areas of your body will be ready to receive and at this point when you are completely relaxed, you experience the best sex.

How to extend and improve sex

The answer here is a little scientific, but it isn’t exactly rocket science either. Firstly, if you don’t have a penis, your brain is most likely perfectly stored in your head, this is the key weapon for women when they desire good sex. If your head isn’t in the game (excuse the mixed meaning), you won’t be going to orgasmic heaven.

Women, you need to relax, you can only have sex with a man that you either love or fancy, you don’t need to have both, one will do. The other ingredient is a decent amount of respect, if you like him, he will do the trick, dislike him and it’s like to represent a walk across the Sahara Desert. The best way to get in the mood for a woman is to watch something romantic, like a movie or to read erotic fiction, the mind always works better than the eyes.

Men, that’s a whole different ball game and for the purpose of this article, we are going to assume that he is like a puppy, panting and excited, all raring to go because he can’t believe it’s showtime again and he hasn’t even come home from the pub early.

To take things a step further, we need to do something to our bodies called vasodilate. Vasodilation is the widening of blood vessels. It results from relaxation of smooth muscle cells within the vessel walls, in particular in the large veins, large arteries, and smaller arterioles. The process is the opposite of vasoconstriction, which is the narrowing of blood vessels.

When we vasodilate, our blood vessels let in more blood and the areas around those vessels become more sensitive, “are you keeping up here”?

Red wine improves sex

Healthy foods to help you vasodilate are beetroot, turmeric, spinach, pomegranate, cayenne pepper, ginger, coffee, walnuts and watermelon. Sounds delicious, doesn’t it? Being healthy doesn’t mean that you might only lose weight, it will literally improve your sex drive and sexual performance.

As well as vasodilation, you will naturally increase your nitric oxide flow to your muscles and pumping up the vessels further, feeding the muscles with the oxygen they crave. A good source of nitric oxide is dark chocolate, steak, garlic and believe it or not red wine.

I can hear you yelling that this looks like the best diet ever invented, but you forgot the starter, a dozen oysters. No one really knows for sure if Oysters are an aphrodisiac, but, if you believe the placebo effect is a thing, you should probably order in half a dozen of the finest oysters from your fishmonger.

Putting it all together

From what you have read above, you now have all the ingredients for the perfect meal, something to drink, a movie to watch and hey presto, it’s date night. The only difference is that you have ensured that the ingredients that you have cooked will enhance your chances of getting to heaven in one piece. Also, notice that carbohydrates don’t seem to add any benefits to sex, this is good and healthy.

Bizarrely enough, everything that science dictates should help us be good at sex, we already naturally do. Why is that, it is because our body wants us to make love at the right time and to create life.

When we put it all together and look at the detail, we can see that living a healthy lifestyle, with wholefoods, preparation and even cooking together, can be romantic, fun and actually make sex more interesting.

When we come to actually have sex, ironically after all this effort, it is the man who will burn the most calories. In the missionary position, he will burn 143 calories. Underneath, she will burn just 44 calories. Spin things around and a woman will burn 98 calories when enjoying doggy style sex and the man will hit 153 calories. Girls on top, squat and go, this will take you to 172 calories and who cares about the man, he should just be grateful for the experience and probably is.

Of course, this part isn’t an exact science, our metabolic rates are different and well, some people do it for longer than others.

Steak, spinach and red wine* are crucial date-night ingestible foods because they make us better at sex. So next time he comes home and gets steak and spinach, you can be sure of vasodilation and a good nitric pump.

You have to consider a couple of things here. If you eat steak, you get protein, eat spinach and you get vitamins and minerals that are good for your blood. Drink red wine* (a glass) and your heart is happy. If you have sex*, you lose calories and sleep a lot easier.

The truth is, we should probably all be doing a lot more of the above. Just enjoy good quality food that doesn’t have empty calories, carbs and sugars. Savour great company and wonderful sex because you will burn more calories and sleep like a baby, so put in the extra effort and you will get more out than you put in… to a point.

*Practice safe sex. Drink safely and responsibly. Maintain healthy portion sizes. Enjoy life.

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